Debt Collection Defense

Debt Collection defense cases fall into two categories:   Abusive Debt Collection Tactics and Debt Buyer Collections. 

Debt collection is regulated by both Federal and State law.  Abusive tactics, which can include threatening to have a sheriff arrest you; yelling, screaming & cursing, etc. are forbidden.   You need not put up with any harassing conduct. 

In debt buyer cases, old credit card accounts (and sometimes auto loans as well) that are written off and get purchased by debt buyers for pennies on the dollar.  Quite frequently, these buyers lack the documentation to prove a chain of ownership.  They count on people caving in to the letter and collection calls.  If a lawsuit has been filed, they count on people reaching settlements or ignoring the legal papers they set served with.  Many believe hope is lost (not necessarily) or try to be their own lawyers (not recommended).